Sub-Galactic Plants


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As anyone who has ever lived in a space pod knows, floor space, wall space, and non-recycled air are hot commodities. And if you haven’t lived in an affordable (read: shitty) space pod, A) fuck you, you rich scum, B) use your money on travel not home decorating, and C) TAKE ME WITH YOU.

I’ve been in my unemployed-and-under-30 economy pod for about three days now. And let me tell you, “economy” is an exaggeration. I’m going insane. It’s so gray and sterile and lacking any personality. I suffer from immense wanderlust, but the funds dried up and you know how it goes. But as someone used to climbing the canyons of Mars and visiting the crystal lakes of Uthon-2, being confined to a space pod is basically torture (as the alternative is sardine-like clusterfucks of poor space-commuters roaming the bridge like neurotic dogs in search of companionship). I’m craving something natural and not-human like no other.

So when I heard our flight path would be crossing with a sales-caravan from a sister S1P7 solar system (with similar oxygen levels!) I nearly had a heart attack. Plants! Cheap small portable plants!

So here are a few of my favorites. I would buy them all if I could, but, alas, money…

I’m leaning toward the Zinfaduu (2) or the Ysquup (7). I like the flowers on the Ysquup better — saw some gorgeous ones while fishing for space squid a few summers (SS1P3 time system) ago — but they are more sensitive. They come with mini bio-terrariums (aka those clearish bubble things) so maintenance would be fine, but I wouldn’t get the natural air purification. Both options hang though, which would save me aforementioned floor space either way.

The caravan comes tomorrow. So I’ll let you know how it goes.


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